Going Underground/Psi Power


“Note that simply changing the colours will not alter the fact that the circle and bar shape of the TfL family of logos is a registered trade mark and therefore protected under the 1994 Trade Marks Act. Anyone wishing to use any of our modal roundels or other corporate logos needs to apply for permission.”

The above should, I guess, be self evident, which means that the first design shown here cannot be commercially used without first obtaining TfL’s permission. Which is a shame, as a motorcycle is a form of transport which that corporate organisation would never  endorse or actively encourage.


However, having considered the restrictions above, and the nature of what a motorcycle represents, namely a total antithesis of public transport I feel that the second image shown here is perhaps more appropriate, being a diamond as opposed to a circle.

TRIKEContinuing the London Underground theme, the next design was for a “Trike” and it seemed logical that the use of a triangle would be a natural choice given the configuration of the vehicle. That the resulting design also echoes contemporary UK road warning signs was a bonus!

Extrapolating the theme further what about space travel? At the time of posting the UK government has announced that Newquay in Cornwall, among a few other locations, has been shortlisted as a potential site for the nations first spaceport should commercial extra terrestrial travel become a reality,

SPACEPIn anticipation of this happening I would like to present to you my proposal for its corporate signage.

Developing the idea of different modes of getting from A- B led me to think about not actually using a vehicle but rather another incredible sci-fi notion, namely that of teleportation;


Now, if you are a Hawkwind fan like myself you may just want to collect all of these to pay homage to Robert Calvert’s classic “Psi Power” – okay so strictly speaking it was a Hawklords track, but why let facts get in the way of a good story eh?

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UK Spaceport sites shortlisted


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