Terra Fide

FideWhere does it come from?  The inspiration, the design decisions, the choices that we make?

All that you touch 
All that you see 
All that you taste 
All you feel. 
All that you love 
All that you hate 
All you distrust 
All you save. 
All that you give 
All that you deal 
All that you buy, 
beg, borrow or steal. 
All you create 
All you destroy 
All that you do 
All that you say. Terra Fide
All that you eat 
And everyone you meet 
All that you slight 
And everyone you fight. 
All that is now 
All that is gone 
All that’s to come 
and everything under the sun is in tune 
but the sun is eclipsed by the moon. ”

Pink Floyd : Eclipse

The two factors that are commonly cited are Nature or Nurture, one or the other often being emphasised as the major contributor, whereas in all probability it is a combination of both than influences our choices

Take Halloween. The proliferation of oranges and browns are probably derived from the natural colours in the northern hemisphere that occur at the time, whilst the associated symbology is drawn from centuries of Celtic and Christian beliefs and customs. The most widely recognised motif of the celebration, the pumpkin, holds no such meaning in China. In eastern culture orange apparently has associations with happiness and spirituality.

All of which brings us to the tenuous link for todays offering, puning on the Land of Faith, or “Terra Fide”.

There you go, a t-shirt combining cerebral and populist meanings!

Koalaween T-shirts are available from Original Koala’s Spreadshirt Store

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