London Calling

astoriasauvage Once upon a time there was a music venue in our capital city that was the main focus of my weekend activities called the London Astoria. In 2009 this monument to live rock music (not to mention the hedonism and debauchery conducted in its august environs) was demolished This  deprived the city of one of its only live music venues and thus diminished central London’s cultural appeal. So it was the Astoria that inspired  my latest Zazzle offering:

Astoria T-Shirt Tee Shirts

Astoria T-Shirt Tee Shirts by Neon_Teepee

Astoria T-Shirt available via Zazzle

However it  quickly became apparent that although it was relatively easy to re-create the name for the design a full sent of font characters would be needed if the design was to become more flexible.

Astoria Sauvage font

The characters available so far

A search for available and suitable fonts, both free and commercial returned a few that were close but nothing that was spot on. Therefore there was little option but to set about creating a customised font:   What you see here is however not the finished article, but rather the raw proto-type (geddit?) called “Astoria Sauvage”.   It is labeled this way to indicate that it is unfinished, as it would be found in the wild so to speak – there has been no kerning added to the file and there are no lower case or punctuation characters. However the set is available as a .ttf and seems to work fine installed in Windows, working on both GIMP and Inkscape (ttf file available here under a Creative Commons licence )


No kerning required!

If there is enough interest I may continue developing it into a fully blown character set with a much wider range and even think about sorting out kerning and possibly ligatures. However at the moment I see it being used in ad hoc design situations which probably means people will play with the spacing anyhow and judging by the way  the auto kerning seems to be working it might not be necessary!

keith moon in jesters outfit

Meet me in the Keith Moon Bar

As a footnote, whilst working on this project little memories came flooding back to me, including the existence of the  Keith Moon Bar where a picture not dissimilar to this one hung. Years later when I had stopped frequenting the place I was invited to a Medieval Banquet by the crowd I was running with, and somewhere there is a picture of me wearing a similar outfit – everything we see indeed!

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