Presenting – the latest thing!

London Cowgirl

London Cowgirl

First impressions count apparently, which is why presenting your wares to the prospective customer is really really important.

For those interested in selling their artwork there is a plethora of platforms (Zazzle, CafePress, Spreadshirt etc which give you the opportunity to put your creations on various articles and sell them via the off the peg e-commerce packages these services offer – on demand facilities that remove the hassle of stock management, quality control, cashflow etc and allow you to get on with the business of, well, creating.


This method is however somewhat akin to the “longtail” philosophy. The lead time between you submitting your offerings and the first purchase is variable

You could however choose to accept commissions instead and let others worry about selling the finished artcle. This is where sites like come into play

Basically the creative puts forward their tenders for a piece of work according to specifications set out by the purchaser – the winning entry gets a pre-arranged fee for the work, which then is owned by the person who organised the contest

As part of the “bidding” process it is obviously beneficial to make your visuals as attractive as possible, and again there is an abundence od templates to assist: type in “mock up” in the search engine of your choice and you have instant access to all sorts of templates. Although most of these are geared towards Photoshop, they can be used via Gimp

The image at the top was created by adapting this little beauty:

The inspiration for the image came as a side product of a brief in the on 99 designs site, and as what you see was not in line with the specificationit was decided to release it on Zazzle:



Yes the Zazzle print area is considerably smaller than that on the mock-up, but if you were commissioning a peice and paying for it then you would probably have your own pet printer facility in mind rather than using on of the on demand services.

Ps If you would like to have a personal design created please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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