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star date

Star Date Koala T Shirt  available £14.99 + P&P

On October 4th 1957 Sputnik 1 became the first artificial Earth satellite and ushered in the Space Age

50 +Years later the general public seems to have fallen out of love with “mans greatest adventure”, or at least the efforts of the remaining rocket scientists no longer captures or inspires our imagination.

Now it might just be that you are viewing this entry via a mobile device of some sort. Now its not guaranteed that the data you are receiving has been beamed up to a satellite then relayed to a ground station, but those little tin cans circling the earth have certainly played a big part in bringing about the communication revolution, the benefits of which we reap today, and which seems to drive almost every aspect of our modern lives.

To commemorate this auspicious date Original Koala are proud to bring you the Star Date Koala Tshirt

Derived from the poster for Star Trek the Motion Picture, this design is available from the usual Spreadshirt site. If you have followed the schedule of designs released you will be aware of the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) entendres that have featured, so should easily pick up on the double meaning of the phrase Star Date!

So guys next time you are headed out to that singles bar why not consider pulling on one of these babies rather than your usual soccer top or lounge suit – geek is chic and the ladies might just like the sense of humour, If you can’t  leave them happy at least leave them laughing!

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