Jacks New Design


Dunno T shirt available from Spreadshirt £9.90 + P&P

One of the beauties of the “on demand” facilities is the time it takes to get from design to product and sale.

Last week my son came home and said that he wanted me to create a T-Shirt for him. He was very specific about what his requirements were. An anime style squirrel with the words Dunno. We quickly ran through, the design process, and ended up with the result you see here.

In some ways he was a perfect client – although vague in terms of the actual imagery, after looking through Google Images for pictures of squirrels, squirrel logos etc we quickly narrowed down the concept. “But it has to be original” he said “I don’t want any trouble with copyright” – at nine years old he has a strong idea of what could constitute a breach.

Next came the font, I added a high impact font and asked for his input. “Could you make it sloped?”(italic) he asked.

Next we moved onto whether he wanted a SVG file or a PNG and the advantages and disadvantages of each. As the image was supposed to be anime he agreed that we could try to get away with three colours but when we tried to work within these confines he decided that the font had to be a different colour so we went the PNG route.

With the idea almost complete we moved onto how the design would look on different backgrounds.  After some experimentation we settled on the colours you see, concluding that  these would work equally well  on dark and light fabrics alike.

With all of those decisions made the design was finalised and the order placed with Spreadshirt this time last week.

The finished article arrived on our doorstep Friday and Jack has been wearing it all weekend

From concept to delivery in less than a week is pretty good going in my opinion!

Jack is very excited about his first foray into production, and one day hopes to open a chain of shops selling t-shirts and smoothies that will fund his animation production company,

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