Now you see it….

This is not a design by Original Koala. It comes from BoroSix and can be found on their Zazzle store here

I’ve chosen to feature it for two reasons:

  1. I really like it and think it worthy of wider exposure1970s_vintage_stripes_tee lite
  2. It illustrates the need to consider the canvas on which a design will feature

On navy the blue elements of the design merge into the background colour, making it seem more integral to the overall design of the shirt.

However, on the light blue shirt the design visually separates from the garment.

Now it may be that is the intention of BoroSix, and it certainly means that the design can be printed on any background. The red line similarly merges into the background on the red t-shirt, yet on the other colour options available the red white and blue retain their resolution.

Zazzle gives the artist the option of which colours their designs can be printed on, whereas the colours on Spreadshirt are dependent on the items chosen and the options available

This presents a few extra factors to take into consideration when using “transparent areas in your design

international13No 13 is a design based on the Martini Racing colour scheme. Spreadshirt offer two types of printing on their platform

“Plot printing is known for its high quality and durability, while digital printing allows for multiple colours and gradients. ”

The decision was made to go for the Plot printing option which dictated that a SVG file be blackcreated to give a sharper graphic. However, only three colours can be used in the file so it was a conscious choice to use the background colour of the T-shirt (via negative projection) to create a four colour print.

This works fine on the lighter colours but certain darker colours present problems, as can be seen by the same article in black

However not all is lost because a feature of the Plot printing is that the three colours of the design can also be changed without having to upload a different version for each variation.  This facility means that the designer can still make their designs workable on the available range of products on the platform.

Below are variations on the design showing the tweeks for the different backgrounds:

retropurple retrointernational retrogreen

miamiAs you can see the alteration of the design colours and its impact vary, but this effectively means that the designer has a wider set of options from the same design .

Another thing that has become clear in the genesis of this series is the need to ensure the levels of contrast – all variations on No13 would probably benefit from the “International” also being displayed via negative projection.

Be careful with that Alpha channel folks!

No13 T Shirts are available via Original Koalas Spreadshirt store

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