Fagache No1 It’s probably not so much that I’m in a rut design wise, rather that certain elements, and combining them keep me from moving onto the next design

The first of these is the apparently copyrighted layout that is synonymous with Chanel No5

If Brian Lichtenberg can get away with parodying Hermes them I see nothing wrong with mimicking the erstwhile fashion house in my creations

The second is my current fascination with tartan and that wonderful design facility on the Scotweb site – I could spend hours just experimenting with the variations.

Lastly my fascination with the World’s fascination with labels just keeps me going around in circles at the moment.

Slap a name on something and suddenly you increase its apparent value, without really adding anything that enhances the functionality of the object itself .

This is the power of association and it seems to have a grip, particularly in the fashion stakes that is insidious to say the least.  Why else would somebody willingly pay to buy what they know is a fake other than to associate themselves, and by extension their aspiration of a lifestyle, with that which matches ownership of the genuine article?

So please bear with me while I work this through my system, and feast your eyes on Fa Gaché No1, a fashion statement for the underclass of the UK!

Combining the typographic layout of Chanel over a tartan pattern reminiscent of Burberry, means that Original Koala goes one step further than fagacheno1Mr Lichentenberg by parodying TWO haute couture icons in one design.

If you truly are the urbane radical that you suppose yourself to be then can you afford not to have at least one of these in your wardrobe?

Theres is a more understanded version on the store for Him, and arguably this has more integrity than the designer version, relying on the pun itself to convey the satire.

I promise that once this particular fixation is exorcised we will move on to the next meme. I can’t tell you when that will be, or what motif will feature

Thats the thing about inspiration, it hits  us all at the weirdest times!

In the meantime I hope you enjoy the pun in the latest designs and appreciate the satire inherent on the subject matter!

fagash Fa Gaché T shirts are available from the Original Koala store at Spreadshirt

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