Size Matters

fueledzRegular readers will be aware of the conflict that arises from choosing which online on demand T-Shirt provider through which to tout your creations

Approved Initial results suggested that going with Zazzle was going to be a more viable route. That products had sold without the benefit of exposure through this blog and its associated network made it a more attractive proposition to switch to. However, there is one drawback with using only Zazzle as evidenced by the images above.

The first image shoes the “Fueled” design rendered on a Zazzle t-shirt.  Ignore for a moment the cropping  at the of the example shown, that is sloppy positioning on my part, but otherwise it demonstrates the restrictive design area available.  When compared with the second image, the same design on the Spreadshirt platform shows the extra space available to the designer.

Obviously this is something you will have to bear in mind when creating your designs, and adjust them



Personally the larger canvas and the SVG capabilities of Spreadshirt have redeemed this particular facility, but Zazzle still offers a broader range of products which can act as vehicles for your designs.

If it is size you are after check out the full-bleed all over Tshirt option on offer from Cafepress but be warned, this is not cheap.  It might be an option for those exclusive one offs but if you are going to convince people to fork our a considerable amount for a printed t-shirt perhaps you are more Artist than Designer

Out of the three I have decided to only release the Spreadshirt version as this suits my sensibilities more than the others.

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