Koala Calling

Bear with me ( yeah I know) I’m trying to figure this out

Although the “customise” facility on sites like Zazzle, Spreadshirt, Cafepress et all allow you to add text to the designs on offer it strikes me that doing this not only increases for the cost for the item, but it can also lead to a end result that jars with original design

Although Zazzle has a wide range of fonts to choose from it strikes me that with a modicum of communication and a little co operation the artist and the customer could agree to create unique items with a minimal amount of effort. ace

Take for example the Coquette T-Shirt – let us suppose that Jane wanted to add her name to the t-shirt. She can choose to add it using the customise facility or alternatively she could drop an e-mail to the designer with a request to add her name in the same or a sympathetic font.

If Jane commits to buying the finished article, the designer could make the necessary changes, upload the graphic and make it available as a “private” product. The link is sent to Jane, she purchases the personalised shirt, and it is then removed from the inventory.

The result – an unique product that combines the designers motifs intact with the customers  additions done in keeping with the original motif.

Additionally the artist and the patron have now made a mutual link which may well bear future fruits for both

Think personal service as opposed to customised facility

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