Fish N Ships

fish n ships

Tess and Phil – I haven’t seen them for many years now, but I count them amongst my small group of good friends.  During one of my life’s low points they took me in, housed me, entertained me, and kept me company whilst encouraging me to get back on my feet.

When I last saw them almost a decade ago I think Tess was studying for her Bar exams and Phil was working as a very talented, but extremely underpaid Glass artist, in the (not so) temperate UK.

Since then they have both become qualified Divers and, as I write this, are currently putting these qualifications to use in the Honduras as part of their year out from the diving business that they have set up, apparently intent on swimming their way around the world!

You can follow their adventures via their blog on, purchase T-Shirts etc via their shop and maybe even book a course with them when they decide to stop slacking and get back to the real world! (only kidding, suspend reality as long as you can guys!)

In all seriousness I am happy that these two hard working and deserving individuals are following their passion and managing to keep themselves afloat (groan) whilst doing it.

To Tess and Phil, if you can drag yourself away from the crystal clear waters and the sandy beach parties, I’d just like to say thanks for all your support and help throughout the years.

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