Colour me…….

koala_sundayIt’s Sunday. its 5 pm (here in the UK that is) so it must be Koala Time!

At least according to Tweriod anyhow, you will all be reviewing your twitter feeds and seeking enlightenment, inspiration and/or gratification.

I wish I could fulfil those desires for you but unfortunately that power has not been granted to me.

I’m not going to launch into a long winded investigative post into colour therapy, although the history of the use of colour might be an intriguing subject for another entry, but  I can tell you that some people ascribe the colour Orange to Sundays, with the attributes of Adventure and change.

That single piece of information was enough to inspire today’s T-Shirt, “Koala Sunday””

Its simple, yet the choice of the compass, coupled with the colours and text mean that, once again if you are aware of them, the design is loaded with connotations, as well as being  fairly attractive

This one is through Zazzle again and, like all Zazzle products can be customised

Koala Sunday is available exclusively via Zazzle

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