Zazzle trumps Spreadshirt

Agent Koala T Shirt
Agent Koala T Shirt by Neon_Teepee
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Wrong place right time

So, here I am, concentrating on promoting the Spreadshirt site, when I receive an e-mail advising me that one of my products has sold. Brilliant I think, the drought has finally broken, the effort is paying off.

Then I see where the e-mail has originated.
Its come from Zazzle. Thats right Zazzle. The Zazzle store that I had all but forgotten about, The one that doesn’t support SVG. The one that has hardly been mentioned via my social networking attempts.
Upon further investigation it transpires that the successful product is also one of the oldest designs on the site too – the ubiquitous Agent Koala Logo!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am overjoyed that somebody has found the design appealing enough that the want to purchase a t-shirt with it on, I am just perplexed as to how it has sold without any perceptible effort on my part – is Zazzle a more responsive platform? Should I perhaps concentrate my efforts of building up this particular stream?

Perhaps Zazzle has a wider reach than Spreadshirt, perhaps it has better SEO, or perhaps it has a better search facility and or categories to put products in. Maybe the audience that frequents Zazzle is more in tune with my particular products?
It maybe that this is just coincidence , or it maybe the long-tail effect, but this puts Zazzle 3-0 up in comparison to Spreadshirt, and raises the question of where to concentrate future efforts in this field.

Maximise your potential

Given the thresholds for actually getting a payout from either of the sites, it may make sense to develop the Zazzle store , or alternatively ensure that the two outlets target different demographics, at least until that break even point is achieved.

In the meantime to whomever the kind soul in France was that ordered the T shirt, jJe vous remercie de tout cœur, J’espère que vous êtes satisfait de votre achat!*

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