The right place at the right time

Here Comes the Cavalry!

Hopefully this post has been timed to reach the maximum of my Twitter followers.

According to data analysed via 16:00 (GMT) is the optimal time on weekends for my Twitter followers to be online.

Now it maybe that, like my Facebook “friends”, these followers don’t actually pay attention to what I am posting, but given the transient nature of tweets, logic dictates that posting when the audience is peaking means there is more chance of that tweet reaching the majority, and thus enhancing the chances of it being read.

Couple the data obtained from Tweriod with the ability to schedule your WordPress entries and you start to get an idea of how you can tailor your content to be published at the optimum times for your audience.

There is also something else to be taken into consideration, namely that we are, generally speaking, creatures of habit.  As mentioned in my previous post, conditioning yourself to make a habit of doing things it is also theoretically possible to get your viewers primed to expect your quality content at set periods.  If you can encourage this behavior in your followers then the possibility of increasing the “stickiness” could also be enhanced.  If you can also apply some Operant Conditioning (thanks Sheldon) you might just end up with “Followers for Life”!

For those of you who have a compelling “magpie complex” you may also want to check out Buffer – use it in conjunction with Tweriod as suggested by Rachel Parker in the link below.

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