No reason

gxlWell actually thats not strictly speaking true.  There is a reason for posting this, in fact there are a couple.

The first is to show of designs that are going through my head. They may not be groundbreaking or even original, but setting them free on the internet may prompt some sort of feedback, even if it is merely indifference.

So I guess one of the reasons is:

  • Tell me what you think

I make no illusions about the end results of my experiments with graphics, I like them and its kinda good to share them with anyone that might find them cool too. Sometimes it is good to get feed back and bounce ideas of other people

  • To maintain a presence

We all have reduced attention spans these days – unless something is truly phenomenal, we tend to forget about things unless we are constantly reminded about things.

There is also a cynical motive of if you “throw enough at a wall, some of it might stick”

  • Discipline

If you do something often enough it becomes habit forming – these initial posts may not be worldchanging but getting into the routine of posting them takes me one step nearer to continuing.   Responses may be slow in coming but there is always the hope that persistance will yield results in the long run.

Alternatively I could just like shouting into the wind!

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