Banned and Erased


Mec Premiere has finally fallen foul of the legal dept over at Spreadshirt

To be fair they are only covering themselves, but it is a little disappointing to think that so much is proscribed in what we call the free world.

However “Mec” has faired slightly better than “Subversive” and “Time for Bed” – not only have they been rejected from the marketplace but the products have also been removed from my shop, and the designs deleted from the portfolio

In the meantime “Footlong”, “Lets Grind” have survived this cull, presumably because these designs were not submitted to the market place

Not Submitted


It would seem that if you want to operate in the shadowy region of parody and satire that you shouldn’t shout too loud about it, at least not through the mainstream that is!

So, I guess I will have to rely on word of mouth, that most ancient and reliable marketing technique to promote these “borderliners”!

Footlong and Lets Grind still available from Spreadshirt…..but for how long?

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