Zazzle/Keds option gone

Converse customisible

Converse BOAC – NOT available in stores

Just another quick one, it would seem that the Zazzle/Keds link-up that allowed you to customise your own sneakers sadly is no longer available.

This is a shame, as the Converse resource for customising seems to be limited to a few colour changes and limited “tag” facility, with only two Font styles available!

Effectively graphics appear to be a no go option unless you count the templates offered by the manufacturers – Converse offer Graphic Editions, but these are limited and not really what a designer is looking for.

MiAdidas and NikeID allow only colour combinations – think factory paint scheme rather than custom paintwork

That the facility for individual graphics is possible is evidenced by the Converse Graphic Editions line – its just that the choice of images is restricted

In the meantime, working in the constraint of the Converse system please see my BOAC tribute above…….if I had the option of replacing the Converse Roundel with the Speedbird Logo I might just be tempted to order a pair!

Other than that it looks like a pair of old Doc Martens, a few stencils and a couple of cans of automotive spray paint will have to be deployed!

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