Subversive – A foot out of place?

Above are three of the T-Shirts I have put onto Spreadshirt, plus another on available from another shop on the US Spreadshirt site

Before I go any further let me make a few things clear –

  • I openly acknowledge that these designs are heavily influenced and borrow strong styling elements from the brands they parody
  • I recognise the constraints that Spreadshirt need to operate to remain compliant with legal requirements in the territories in which they operate

The reason for the post is to pose questions  concerning the vetting of the designs uploaded to these on-demand services

Consider the first two images in the gallery above.

Both heavily borrow design cues from a well known perfumery brand, but the first has been rejected from Spreadshirts marketplace, whilst the second, drawing from the same source has been accepted, the only tangible difference being the change in colours used.

The third image is a design from my portfolio that was rejected, presumably for its correlation with the branding of a worldwide soft drinks conglomerate.  However it too is derived from the same source as the fourth image which is readily accessible via the US site

It may be that the fourth design is also proscribed from the marketplace and can only be obtained by going directly to the store concerned.

It could be that Spreadshirt are reluctant to allow the promotion of items that skirt the boundaries of copyright, preferring to let the shop owner run that particular gauntlet. Whatever the reason it highlights the fact that the shop owner cannot abdicate the ramifications of their own actions by putting up such items for public consumption

It also shows that Spreadshirt are passive partners when it comes to marketing your designs, and that the designer, if they wish to make a reasonable return on their investment through this medium, has to consider what other avenues to pursue when promoting their wares

In the meantime designs on the last two images have just been submitted to the Spreadshirt Marketplace – lets see what triggers they set off eh?

 Footlong T Shirt available on Spreadshirt

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