Off the peg or tailormade?

All Tarts – guess the inspiration?

Just a quick pointer to a couple of resources that may help you with your (typeface) design project


The first is

This handy little site has examples of heaps of fonts and Logo’s, famous brands etc that can serve as inspiration.

The “Fonts By Logo” section in particular contains information about the font used by some of the most famous brands and will point you to commercial versions available, or alternative/similar fonts that could be used in their place either free of charge or purchasable.

It is quite a handy source for “off the peg” fonts, and you can while away a fair amount of time especially in the “Fontss by Theme” section which gives a potted history of some of the styles used.

Of course you may not find the font you want there, so if you are looking to sculpt your own it might be worth delving into “Design with FontForge“, a useful source of information whether you use font forge or not.


Whichever course you choose please don’t hesitate to let me know!


In the meantime see if you can guess the inspiration for this product






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